The Importance of the Tablet Market, Today and in the Future

By on Mar 28, 2013 in Website design |

Were you a good boy or girl last year?  Did Santa leave you a shiny new tablet under the Christmas tree?  Chances are that he did as there are now over 56 million of them in the US alone with an estimate of that figure rising to 90 million by 2014 (Techcrunch).  Consumers now have the option to browse and comparison shop whenever the mood takes them…waiting for kids, a coffee break, on the subway, etc – instead of having to allocate a time to sit down in front of a traditional static computer.  This is a marketing angle that no business can afford to ignore.

An article by Julia Peterson (Why You Should be Targeting Tablet Users) further highlights the reasons why being tablet friendly is now more important than ever and asks pertinent questions such as “how can you attract tablet traffic” and “why you should be targeting tablet users”.   A persuasive argument when you realize the sheer spending power of the average tablet user, as more than half of all tablet users have a household income of over $75K.  This is a big indicator that sites that are not mobile friendly or tablet compatible are missing the opportunity of connecting with these 50 million consumers.

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