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4 Tips for Controlling Employee Benefit Costs During Inflation

By on Aug 29, 2022 in Benefit Content, Blog, Custom Content, Employee Benefits |

Inflation is a silent budget killer- it causes everything to go up, from your groceries to your gas, as the purchasing power of money decreases.Ā  Americans are feeling the pinch as the U.S. experiences the highest inflation level in 40 years. Inflation has been particularly frustrating for Americans who are struggling to pay for items such as housing, food, energy,...

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New Website Launched for Fejes & Associates!

By on May 3, 2019 in Benefit Content, Blog, Portfolio, Website design, Website Design |

Fejes’s new site has an eye-catching banner image that is both beautiful and a touch of local flair. The single long-page design allows for mobile viewing optimization so that clients can be on the go and still access the utilities of the site. Also included in the new design is a scrolling ThinkHR news feed as well as a login widget for customers. Click on...

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New Website Launched for Benefits 7!

By on Feb 27, 2019 in Benefit Content, Blog, custom content for benefit agencies, Employee Benefits, Employee Benefits, Website Design, Website design |

Benefits 7 began more than 30 years ago and provides service and support to individuals and employer groups throughout Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. Designing a new website for Benefits 7 allowed us to spotlight the tradition of unique innovation and excellence in the field of benefit plan development and management. Take a look at their newly launched site! Check...

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Understanding Disability Insurance

By on Aug 10, 2018 in Benefit Content, Blog |

No one foresees needing disability benefits. But, should a problem arise, the educated and informed employee can plan for the future by purchasing disability insurance to help cover expenses when needed. When you ask people what is the number one reason disability insurance is needed, most will answer that it is for workplace related injuries. However, the leading...

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New Website Launch for BJA Partners!

By on Jun 14, 2018 in Benefit Content, Blog, Blogging, Employee Benefits, Employee Benefits, Facebook, SEO, Website Design, Website design |

BJA Partners has been providing honest advice & protecting what you value most for more than 35 years! We are thrilled to showcase this through their new website creation. Check out the website at Contact us to learn more about custom website design, SEO optimization, email marketing, and social media solutions!

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