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Benefits 101: Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Season

By on Dec 4, 2023 in Blog, custom content for benefit agencies, health |

‘Tis the season for family, festivity, and food—lots of food. The holidays dish up a triple whammy of wintry weather, irresistible foods, and stress, which can cause even the strongest-willed person to reach for another festive goodie. While the notion of enjoying “healthy holidays” has a nice ring to it, reaching that goal can be very challenging.  Between the...

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The Benefits of Gratitude

By on Nov 14, 2023 in Blog, custom content for benefit agencies, Trending Topics |

You may have heard the saying attitude of gratitude.  It’s a great little rhyme to remind us to  live a life of gratitude – and practice it!  When we practice being thankful on a regular basis, it not only impacts our mental and physical health, but those around you as well. The Definition of Gratitude The emotion of gratitude is defined as “the quality of being...

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What Is Accident Insurance?

By on Nov 14, 2023 in custom content for benefit agencies, Employee Benefits |

Accidents happen. Whether you fall off a ladder, slip and break an arm, or get injured just living everyday life, an accident can happen. Anytime. Anywhere. What Is Accident Insurance? Accident insurance helps provide support when life’s most unexpected moments happen. It makes an accident less painful financially because it helps to pay the bills that your medical...

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The Impact of Flu Season on Working Parents

By on Oct 23, 2023 in Blog, Custom Content, custom content for benefit agencies |

As the flu and RSV season gets underway, companies are asking themselves how they can support employees who need to stay home to care for their children.  In fact, last October, 104,000 Americans missed work because of “childcare problems” – the highest total since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking the figure in 2003.  Although that number has since...

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Understanding Health Insurance Basics

By on Oct 20, 2023 in Blog, custom content for benefit agencies, Employee Benefits |

Not understanding benefits terminology is near the top of the list of ways that open enrollment and benefits selection can stress you out.  Open enrollment is coming quickly and soon you will be talking about benefit options. The world of benefits and insurance can be confusing. In-network, out-of-network, deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance? What? Let us help...

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Open Enrollment: What Is It and How Does It Work?

By on Sep 18, 2023 in custom content for benefit agencies, Employee Benefits, Employee Benefits |

For millions of Americans, the end of the year is open enrollment season – a yearly opportunity to take stock of your health care needs and select the health insurance plan that works best for you.  It is a window of time – typically in the fall – when you can sign up for health insurance, review, assess, and modify your existing benefits. There are more...

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