Keep It Fresh: Steps for Updating Your Website Content

By on Nov 1, 2013 in Website design |

Stale content got you down? When was the last time your website got a little TLC?

If you’ve been putting off a website refresh, stop it already. The time is now. And here’s how.

Game Plan

Wrap your head around the situation that is your website. You know what you want it to do for you: assist your business. Now get specific about the goals your website should accomplish for your business and its visitors.

Define conversions: You may already have done this at some point but it’s worth doing again — from scratch. List the conversions you want performed on your site and then compare that list to your previous site goals. Maybe they’ve changed. Maybe you forgot about something that you needed to be reminded of. If you didn’t have a list of conversions as part of your website strategy from before, now you do. Let it guide your site design and content offerings.

Conversion examples are:

  • phone call
  • quote request
  • store locator
  • schedule an appointment

Assign priority: Take a list of site pages and silos and give them a rank of importance to the business goals. On a spreadsheet, indicate the goals a landing page or silo is responsible for. Key pages and/or sections of your site can be addressed first. You can use this spreadsheet throughout the refresh project to manage the updates to keywords, body content, Meta data and calls to action. Create a column for each of those essential elements on your spreadsheet as well.

Set deadlines: This is simply time management 101. If you have set dates for when you want certain pages or sections of the site reviewed, edited and published, the project is likely to keep moving forward.

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