Twitter set to become more like Facebook

By on Apr 18, 2014 in Social Media |

Twitter is to become more and more like Facebook with its new profile redesign.  The new exciting main features of the new look are the “Best Tweets” feature, which makes tweets with the most traffic appear to be slightly larger and more prominent, “Pinned Tweets”, which allow you pin a tweet to the top of your page and “Filtered Tweets”, which allow you, when browsing other profiles, to view tweets, tweets with photos and videos, or raw tweets and replies.

How does this affect you – you may be wondering?  For the moment, not a great deal but Twitter will be rolling out the new redesigned profile across all of their existing users over the next few weeks with new users signing up today getting the new profile automatically.  Unless you have any Twitter site placement specific images – then there is nothing you will need to fix but being aware of the new look and features will help you get significantly ahead of the popular crowd. 


Using the “Pinned Tweet” feature will almost be a supplement to your initial bio or indeed it could be used to be an easy in-house advert for your company.  For example, a “Pinned Tweet” could be pinned to make sure that everyone knows about the upcoming company BBQ or that you are running an April promotion?


The core essence of Twitter will of course remain the same.  Don’t think that they will replace the beloved #Hashtag just yet but as they merge closer to being flashier and including more videos and pictures – will we still be able to contain our thoughts about the new Twitter within the 140 character set limit?

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