The Secret of My Success–Featuring Ed Ligonde, Nielsen Benefits Group

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We all chase it. We all look up to those who have it. We all describe it differently.

In this blog series, the eTekhnos team talks with our partners in different industries about success and what their secret has been to achieving it. For our inaugural post, we interview Ed Ligonde, the Executive Vice President at Nielsen Benefits Group in Westlake Village, California. Ed was recently named one of the “40 Under 40” by the Pacific Coast Business Times of 40 up-and-coming businessmen and women under 40 years of age. He has also been named the 2019 Employee Benefits Adviser Rising Star by Employee Benefit Adviser Magazine.


What is the one character quality you possess that you believe puts you on the road to success?

Staying hungry!  I want to keep learning, challenging the status quo, and surrounding myself with amazing hard-working professionals and intelligent leaders who challenge me to be better.  My clients and my teammates become the beneficiaries of any new initiatives I learn or become proficient with.


What is one pivotal moment in your life that you think set you up for the success you are seeing today?

I believe it’s a couple of things–both of which happened very close in time. First, it was finding my “why” – once I figured that out, everything changed. I believe employee benefits is “the benefit of being an employee” and so, as a benefit consultant, I have an incredible opportunity to help employers enhance the employee experience.  By finding my “why” and fostering more of a consultative approach rather than a traditional transactional insurance-based approach, I’ve been able to build strong and long-term relationships with clients and business professionals. Second, I can point to transitioning to my new firm and being under the tutelage of our CEO Craig Nielsen as helping build my success.  Craig inspired confidence in me and gave me the tools and the support to find success and be as innovative as possible.  He is incredibly supportive and my teammates here at NBG are equally supportive and positive.  My wife has been my #1 fan, the unwavering support, especially during challenging times, is priceless.  I believe when you look at your success, you need to look around you and commend all those who have been in your corner. 


How do you prioritize your day/week to make you successful?

First, I focus on my teammates. I like to check in with them weekly—even if it’s a friendly text to see how they are doing. Then, I focus on my clients to ensure we are hitting our timelines and that they are happy. Finally, I focus on professional growth and learning, as well as new business opportunities, to continue to foster the growth of our firm and national footprint.


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