Characteristics and Benefits of Good Web Design

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There is a general perception that good web design pertains only to a good-looking site, graphics-wise. But good web design is far more than the looks. There are several factors contributing to the effectiveness of a website because good design is aesthetically-appealing, content-relevant, and technically-savvy.

Characteristics and Benefits of Good Web Design

Characteristics of a Good Web Design
  • Search engine friendly. The goal of developing a website is to drive traffic to your business. Even if you have excellent graphics and most relevant content, if you cannot drive traffic to your website, its purpose will be useless. Traffic can be driven through search engine optimization. SEO uses the right key words or phrases for your website. A good web designer knows how to identify the exact keywords for the topic of your website. If SEO is done properly, more users will visit your website and it will eventually be on top of Google searches.
  • User-friendly. Navigation is an important part in web designing. A good web designer must be able to consider the user experience that visitors of the site can have. There are websites which are too technical for ordinary internet users. Some may ask users to clear their cache or validate site security which may be difficult to comprehend. There are also websites which consume a lot of computer memory because of the media files embedded therein. Keeping the website as simple as possible helps in user navigation.
  • Relevant content. Do not underestimate the ability of web users to appreciate content. Although some of them rely on the graphic design to give good website ratings, many of them are actually reading. Thus, a good web design contains relevant information related to the keywords intended to cater to a specific group of audience. The content has to be engaging, entertaining and free of grammar flaws.
  • Active links. Links to direct site users to other pages or external websites should always be active. This is the part where the web designer conducts maintenance to check if all links are live and active.
  • Site structure. This spans throughout the coding and programming language the website is made from. The web designer should always consider the type of coding process to use as there might be compatibility issues with browsers and the JavaScript used to embed media files.
  • Contact page. It is important to include a contact page on your website so the visitor can get in touch with you in case of inquiries or site breakdown.
  • Internet service provider. The host of your website should have an excellent internet service provider to minimize instances that the site is down or under maintenance.

Overall, good web design can impact the traffic on your website. It increases your chances of making it to the top of Google searches which means effective advertising for your business. It also benefits establishing good reputation in the online community, thus expanding your network of customers and business partners. Good web design is always user-centered and continues to improve based on the needs of its audience.

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