7 reasons your Facebook page is a hot mess

By on Jun 27, 2013 in Website design |

A state of disarray so chaotic that it’s dizzying to look at. A mess that is beyond the normal range of disarray. Visual clutter that draws attention to itself. It may sound like I am describing Lindsay Lohan heading into court on a Monday morning. But no, I am describing a Facebook business page lacking a strategy without consistent engagement but has potential to become super-hot. Could this be your business’s page?

Facebook boasts the largest user base of any social network, so if your business doesn’t have a solid Facebook presence, you’re simply missing lead generation opportunities. There are plenty of ways to sabotage your success when it comes to creating Facebook content, and we’ve all been guilty of them at one point in time. Here are seven reasons your Facebook page might be viewed by your fans as a social media hot mess.

1. You’re not using enough visuals

2. You’re not using your real estate wisely

3. You are not tying your posts to offers

4. You don’t have an editorial calendar

5. You are not paying to upgrade your reach

6. You are not experimenting

7. You are not having fun

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