Posts made in June, 2014

The Hidden Benefits of Social Media Marketing

By on Jun 27, 2014 in Social Media |

Most businesses venture into social media expecting to see a big return on investment. The hope is that new customers Image via CrunchBase will come in droves, and that the benefits and revenue generation will be huge. However, this is rarely the case. It takes time to build momentum with social media, and the benefits aren’t always as obvious as we would like. If...

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New website launched for Johnson & Dugan

By on Jun 20, 2014 in Website design |

Here is another of our latest websites, just launched for Johnson & Dugan. Unique features: Integrated Video Library & Mobile-Responsive Design The Johnson & Dugan website was recently launched with a special focus on optimizing the site to be viewed on mobile devices.  We integrated a memorable image and comprehensive video library into the site as...

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New website launched for Central Penn Benefits

By on Jun 6, 2014 in Website design |

Here is another of our latest websites, just launched for Central Penn Benefits. Unique features: Custom Integrated Forms using WordPress The Central Penn Benefits website was recently launched to replace an outdated previous site.  We integrated an iconic image on the home page and a new color scheme into the site to give it a consistent look and feel. The site is...

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Help Wanted: Benefits Technology and Social Media Support

By on Jun 2, 2014 in Benefit Portals, Employee Benefits, Social Media, Website design |

New part time position in Keller office has been posted! We are looking for a great talent to join our team!  The position will start with 15-25 hour per week but will increase in hours – being able to work between 15-30 hours a week is what we are looking for. This position will be in the office with the ability to work from home when needed, flexible days and...

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